Beers I plan to try Saturday at Belgianfest

This Saturday is Belgianfest at the Engine Room in Georgetown. I have been looking forward to this event. I continue to expand my taste for beer and have been enjoying some of the unique takes from our local breweries. This festival gives an opportunity to taste some of the best artisanship of these brewers.

There are many different types of Belgian beer, such as Witbier, Trappist/Abbey, Saison, Sours, Brown Ales, Red Beers, Golden Ales, etc., etc. I use to mistakenly think that Belgian beers were limited to Trappist/Abbey beers or white beers, but not so.

Further, some of the beers at the event will be American style ales with a Belgian yeasts and flavors. I am excited to see how these taste compared to the pales, IPAs, ambers, etc. we are accustomed to drinking.

I decided to plan a list of the beers I want to try, so as follows:

Two Beers Brewing – Cask Dry Peeled Crooked Belgian Wit (Belgian Wit)
I plan to start with a white beer and this one sounds great.

Anacortes Brewery– Anacortes Golden Honey Wheat (Belgian Golden Ale)
This one just sounds tasty and refreshing.

Dick’s Brewing Co. – Centralia Silk Lady (Belgian Pale Ale)
I really like Pale Ales, so definitely have to try a Belgian style pale.

Black Raven Brewing Co. – Pour les Oiseaux (Wine Barrel Aged Saison)
I’ve been impressed with beers from Black Raven and enjoyed their Belgian inspired Vertigenwoordigen voor de Oostkant, I am definitely looking forward to their Saison.

Elysian Brewing Co. – The Red Queen (Saison Farmhouse Ale)
I figured Elysian’s Saison will be a good beer to compare to Black Ravens.

Elliott Bay Brewing Co. – Hop von Boorian (Belgian IPA)
Again, interesting to try an American style ale with a Belgian twist.

Elliott Bay Brewing Co. – Cask Red von Boorian (Tart Belgian Red Ale)

Elysian Brewing Co. – Groaning Board (Trappist-style Table Beer)
Have to try at least one Trappist style

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Co. – Snoqualmie Spring Fever 2009 (Grand Cru)
One of the few Snoqualmie seasonal I have not had, so it’s on my list.

Boundary Bay Brewery – Bellingham Boundary Bay Tripel (Belgian Tripel)
This one looks delicious on their web site.

~ by dirtbikejunkie on January 20, 2010.

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