Black Raven cask report 01/27/2010 – Dry hopped Trickster IPA

I swear I have had a dry hopped beer before, but maybe not because I don’t ever remember any other beer having such a sweet hop aroma and taste with so little bitterness. It was absolutely delicious and the speed at which the cask was drank provided the proof.

It poured the same color as the regular Trickster but with a slight cloudiness as expected on cask. The light carbonation added to the smoothness of the flavor, along with a medium body it was practically too easy to drink.

The hop flavor easily dominated the taste, but it did not knock you over or take away from the beer like many heavily hopped beers I’ve had. I did not sense a strong alcohol content or taste, which was fine by me.

This beer gets an A+ from me and I hope they feature something similar in the upcoming weeks.


~ by dirtbikejunkie on January 28, 2010.

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