sweet old ford like mine!

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found a sweet picture of an old ford like mine… this is pretty much how I always envisioned my ford looking… low, fat, and smooth. in fact this car is about the closest I’ve seen (in person and pics) of how I want my car to look, I love it!

relaxing weekend in packwood

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sara and I went to packwood for the weekend with plans of riding bikes around there… ended up not doing any riding but still had a relaxing weekend.

sara got to ride one of my mom’s horses and we had a good dinner with my mom (some delicous chicken dish that I think I gained 2lbs from).

sunday we hung out with my dad and see what he was up to… he had to give sara shit for screwing up his nascar recording when we were over saturday (I was working on my bike and sara watched tv changing the channel he had set to record).

on the drive home we drove up to paradise and then down the longmire side, I had never drove down the longmire side so that was cool.

awesome ride at taneum

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few weekends back sara and I rode taneum for the stumpjumpers june fun day. the most amazing thing was we had all our shit packed thursday evening and I actually left from work with trailer in haul and picked up sara from the bus. I think it was the earliest we’ve left riding since I can remember 🙂

the weather at taneum was awesome! a little cold on top but sunny. conditions were overall good, some dust on the lower trails but up high on the better single track it was prime. few snow patches remain but most everything cleared.

the course jerry allen laid out was sweet! one downhill still had lots of snow with a single deep snow rut to follow, I think he called it the luge or something like that.

I hadn’t rode taneum in at least 2 years and was pleasantly surprised with the riding. of course getting out of the junction was lame as always with all the hacked trails coming out of there

we also did the night enduro, fun to put the lighting on and do some night riding. we were late to the first check, but jerry allen admitted he didn’t set the clocks by seconds so I know we were actually on time.

so we ended up riding about 80 miles saturday, then rode another 40 sunday. I was actually a bit sore the next week.

and I almost forgot, I did manage to have a little incident… up on top in the cold saturay (and me wearing vented gear) I must have stiffened up as I managed to pull a muscle or something in my shoulder. next stop jason was convincing me my shoulder dislocated (I don’t think it did) and I was trying to pop it in when suddenly it began hurting immensely… short of the story as I ended up passing out for a few seconds, which everyone else found pretty funny.

oh, and another thing I almost forgot… be sure to ask sara next time you see her if you she has any thyme and sage 🙂

cool vid from drew

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My friend drew made this cool little vid. I was kind of surprised when he sent it to me because had no idea he made it and I’ve enjoyed watching it since.

sara’s favorite part is the end, which I think is from a few years back at the white knuckle or frost bite at pacific raceways and I had a few more pounds on me then 🙂

this hot chick can ride :-)

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pictures of sara from idaho city… she’s got awesome form on a bike (and awesome form otherwise if you know what I mean, he, he). these are great pictures of her riding!

great father’s day weekend

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sara and I spent father’s day weekend camping at lake wenatchee with her parents and brother. it was also the weekend of her parent’s anniversary, I think they’ve been married nearly 30 years or something like that.

I got a call from my buddy nate who lives in cashmere and wanted to hook up with us for a ride saturday. we also hooked up with sara’s friends sarah and dave.

we took off from sand creek with it lightly raining. initially conditions were a bit slick but then the rain cleared and the dirt was perfect. rode to the top of devil’s gulch and then took mission ridge down… that is where things got a bit hairy.

riding down mission ridge we knew there would be some wind fall but didn’t know we were committing to a log crossing adventure. the wind fall was horrible and about 3 hours later we had crossed countless logs.

that evening we had an excellent bbq dinner and drinks. spent most our time bs’ing around the camp fire.

next morning we took sara’s dad for his first true offroad ride on the nason ridge trail. I told him the evening before that if he didn’t break something on his bike he was a pussy, but sure enough there was some breakage before the ride was over. we then had brunch and relaxed the rest of the day.

another friday night bbq

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3rd friday night bbq, this time at shawn’s place. he even mowed his lawn. had some good shi kabob and some great pasta salads were brought as well. rob and chelly provided entertainment.

idaho city adventure

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last weekend, june 2nd-3rd, was the national idaho city qualifier. I was not racing due to my collar bone and knee, but sara was still in and we left monroe thursday morning to make the +8 hour drive down.

drive down was pretty straight forward. we took a slightly different route than what I have traveled in the past and took hwy 243 past mattawa to hwy 24 and then 240 to richland. this was about the same mileage but I think was slightly faster and less hills to pull.

we arrived in boise fairly late so went immediately to bed as soon as we hit the hotel.

friday morning we went into downtown boise for breakfast at some breakfast bistro, I think it was called goldy’s. I had “trav’s famous breakfast burrito” and sara had some delicious blue berry pancakes. I liked her pankcakes better than my dish 🙂 I also had a cappuccino but wasn’t too impressed (my cappuccino at home is better).

then we were off to idaho city to do some jetting on sara’s bike, register, and impound the bike. jetting went well, leaned it out about 2 size on the main and I think 3 sizes on the pilot, left the needle where it was at. bike felt awesome on the mid and top end, probably better than it did at home elevation, and bottom felt about same as it did at home elevation. registration and impounding went easy, although the soundtest guy said sara’s bike tested at 97db and all previous races it tested at 91db. still he let it pass.

saturday we had mchandler’s and left the hotel about 7am for idaho city. we figured out sara’s route time and deposited her gas cans with the gas trucks. she pulled her bike out on time and got to the start no problem. turned out her, sara neff, and the other LOI girl were all on the same minute together.

as LOI gals minute came up they all seemed to have issues with their bikes running crappy off the start. I wasn’t sure what to make of it because when we jetted the bike the tempature was about the same and the bike was starting and running awesome. I could see it started hard and did not want to run smoother, the other 2 girl’s bike seemed to fair the same. however, they all rode off in time.

I had left my camera at the hotel so jumped in the truck to head back to boise to retrieve it. on the way back I made several stops snapping some pics. I also stopped at the “rock’s lodge” for a delicious mirror pond pale ale (yummy!).

driving up to idaho city I saw the temp reached 95 degrees. then just about as soon as I got into idaho city there was a gray Chrysler wagon flashing it’s lights at me. it turned around and followed me to dave’s trailer where I pulled over. out of it came sara, kerry konkler, and rob riley. I was like “what happened”, and sara explained she suffered heat exhaustion and quit at 2nd gas. rob said the conditions absolutely sucked and he was not having any fun along with his previous injuries giving him trouble. scott’s bike was also back with no scott, turned out he tangled with something and cracked his radiator.

we headed over to one of the local bars for a beer where we ran into troy swetman, who had pretty much the same story as rob. we had a few beers and lunch and called it a day.

sara had no intention of doing the 2nd day with the temps predicted to be even higher, so we leisurely left boise and took the scenic route home. it was a cool drive but after driving and stoping to take pics here and there we only managed to reach Othello after about 10 hours of driving and decided to stay the night there. we then left monday morning with about another 4 hours to go. wanting to get home we still managed to make a stop at snoqualmie falls.

so it wasn’t the best take at the idaho city qualifier. luck just didn’t seem to fair with either sara or myself. but that’s how it goes. I have a feeling next year both her and I will hit the qualifiers hard and be our main focus, should be fun!

awesome memorial day weekend!

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sara and I had 2 good choices for our memorial day weekend… longbeach with her parents or odessa with the stumpjumpers. since there would be a guarantee of sun and riding in odessa we chose it.

odessa is a quiet little town north-east of Moses Lake, click here for the map. it’s probably most well known for the annual Deutschesfest. it’s also becoming well known for the Desert 100 and a potential ORV mecca. anyway, it’s one of those little places that is relaxing to be in and you just lose all your worries being there.

we camped at the new race site for the White Knuckle, which is off of Jerry Schafer’s property just above Odessa. Jerry’s son, Marlon (owner of odessaoffice.com) hung out with the stumpjumpers all weekend and partied it up with us. Marlon is way cool and helped us out throughout the weekend.

there is a flat track at the new site as well as about 12 miles of course that is a lot of fast grass trail with ravines and hill climbs mixed in.

saturday most everyone rode the 12 mile course. I took off on my harley to do what I planned to be about a 3 hour ride but turned into over a 5 hour ride. I rode north to Lake Roosevelt and took the Keller ferry across. Then across a small mountain range to the bottom of the grand coulee dam and back.

saturday evening we had a potluck then a flattrack race. the flattrack race was pretty damn cool and fun to watch, just wish I could have been riding! sara and I didn’t last long that evening as we got in late friday night and didn’t have much sleep.

sunday was the stumpjump competition. shawn kicked ass and won it hands down! I was pretty impressed. then most of us headed over to Jerry’s lake for some fishing and relaxing. sara managed to catch a decent sun fish that we cooked up along with some steaks for dinner. then some more beer drinking to finish the night.

my only disappointment was we discovered the coffee shop is closed sundays, which had me wishing I brought my espresso maker!

evergreen speedway – may 12th

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sara and I went for a night at the evergreen speedway… it’s been years since I’ve been out there. I get a kick our of the place because unlike other tracks I’ve been to the track officials seem to let the drivers play a little bit and they often will do some killer smoke shows and doughnuts.

they ran several rounds of figure eight racing and whatever class that runs the 2nd largest oval. I’d really like to make it out there this year when they run the full oval.